PR and the 2012 Election

Well it is another year and this year is an election year. Personally election year really doesn’t mean much to me. I am at the age that I can vote but I haven’t registered yet. It’s something that isn’t really top of my things to do. I probably should register and pay a little more attention to what is happen with the election and actually vote. There will come a time that I will do that but probably not until the next election time (But we will see). I know that there are people out there and the election is all they can think about. I see the ads and the campaigning all around, on the TV, on people’s cars, the internet, etc. Pretty much every where I turn I see something about the campaign. PR is definitely got a big impact with the campaigns because to someone like me that really does care about the politics and the election. I still know who’s ad is who’s and what they stand for because of the PR that is going around and what I have seen.

This year the people running are Obama and Romney. One is the Democrat party and the other is the Republican Party, everyone knows that. This is because with the PR that they are using you know who is who. This is because of the different things that represent each party and their campaign. Without having the PR, no one would really who you are. Also the social media is making a big impact on showing who they are. The bigger the campaign and the PR behind it the more that people know about you.

With the campaigning they are promoting the person and trying to win over votes but also something that I really see with what the campaigns that they are doing is being negative to the other component. In the ads they seem to saying how bad the other person is going to be rather then promoting themselves and saying what they are going to do the better the United States and showing how they are going to be the change that we need.




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