Diversity in Public Relations

Diversity is everywhere. In this country the minority groups that use to be the minority, they really are not much of minority group anymore, they are becoming bigger.

In the PR is it mainly use to be a male world in but has now in the past 20 years turned into a female world. Women taking over big time and really making diversity happen. In the professional world they are really starting to see that is happening. For example PRSA knows that this is happening so they are making sure to hire people that are not just the typical white man, they want to make sure they are diversified with in there company. Even though things seem to be really moving forward with being diverse there are still some problems with it. One of the problems that PR is having with diversity, is people do not know how to talk to the people that are a different minority then them, an article from the Council of Public Relation Firm, stat that “Clients need agency partners to help them communicate with a diverse customer and stakeholder base, but that’s not so easy when your own talent pool lacks diversity.” It is still going to be a struggle with switching to being diverse but it can happen.

With diversity can’t just happen when you get in the work place diversity is happening everywhere and as the younger generation grows up diversity is going to not be an issues things are going to be a different place then what we know and are seeing right now, years from now.


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