Posted in October 2012

Social Media and PR

Over the years social media has become bigger. It is now something that everyone is familiar with. Social media is a way of commination. It has also changed the way that people are getting information out there. When dealing with social media and public relations it really plays a big part with one another. From … Continue reading

Global Public Relations with the Olymipics

Public Relations is not just something that happens here in Michigan. It is something that is way bigger than that and even bigger then America. Public Relations is worldwide. When dealing with public relation you are not going to be just working in your company and with┬ápeople that are close to where you work, there … Continue reading

Let’s talk about the Election

The election is just about a month away. When it comes to the elections Public relations it is around every corner. In the news, on TV, in the paper, buttons, sticker, the list goes on. The election years comes around every four year. Within those years in is not just an easy job. The people … Continue reading