Let’s talk about the Election

The election is just about a month away. When it comes to the elections Public relations it is around every corner. In the news, on TV, in the paper, buttons, sticker, the list goes on. The election years comes around every four year. Within those years in is not just an easy job. The people in PR working on the campaign are working hard and getting ready.

IN the elections people have their own opinions about the candidate that they like and what they like that the candidates as saying that they will do. There are so many different opinions about Obama and Romney.  In this election Obama and Romney are in a back and forth battle.  Either you like one or you don’t like one.

In this back and forth battle. There are figures being point and things being stated an example for that “President Obama has allowed our leadership to atrophy,” Romney wrote in the Wall Street Journal. He is trying to make Obama look like the bad guy. Some of the things that the each candidates are saying is just trying to show that they are better than the other.

I have heard and seen a lot of people that are really against Obama that were for him when he ran for president four years. They are against him because he made promises that did not happen. I see way people don’t like that but they have no idea how to run and be president. I have no idea either but I am sure it is extremely hard. People need to look at that.





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