Global Public Relations with the Olymipics

Public Relations is not just something that happens here in Michigan. It is something that is way bigger than that and even bigger then America. Public Relations is worldwide. When dealing with public relation you are not going to be just working in your company and with people that are close to where you work, there will be times that you have to work with people in other countries. The reasons why they do this is “organizations virtually and physically interact and communicate with publics and/or audiences outside their own country of origin to build a dynamic set of relationships” (quoted from Global Public Relations).

One way that Public Relations really has to work with people from other countries and making everything run smoothly with Public Relations. Is with the Olympics, there are million if not billions of people that watch the Olympics let alone the 205 countries that are involved in the Olympics and the 10,000 athletes that competed in it. The Olympics is a very big thing and very well-known event that takes place every four years. It takes a lot to figure out all of the things to do with the Public relations part of it.

Public Relation played a bigger part with the Olympics this year than it has before because of all the social media that there is. Everyone else days has a smart phone and/or twitter. Public relations professionals know this, and they wants to make sure that everyone is still involved with smart phones and twitter are also involved in the Olympics. Things that were done were apps made for the smart phones and different hags tags made for the twitter people. They were really trying to make sure that as many people that they could get would be a part of the Olympics.


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