Social Media and PR

Over the years social media has become bigger. It is now something that everyone is familiar with. Social media is a way of commination. It has also changed the way that people are getting information out there. When dealing with social media and public relations it really plays a big part with one another.

From the web site Mashable Social media, they talk about “The 5 Killer Social Media Tips for PR Pros” reading thought the tips I thought that they are something that people who are working with public relations and social media should know. The 5 tips are:

1. Anticipate and Join Twitter Conversations

2. Write Tweetable Press Release Headlines

3. Turn Your Blog Into a Social News Wire

4. Develop Social News Backgrounders

5. Use News Aggregation Services

These are important because being caught up to what it hip and what everyone is doing. It really helps to broaden the customers that are coming to you. Also help with the audience that you will be talking to.

Twitter is all that I hear about anymore when dealing with social media. It first started out with MySpace, then Facebook, now twitter. Of course there is going to be the next big social media site coming up but for now it is twitter.  This isn’t a signal thing that is not on twitter. From just random peoples thoughts to stuff about the election. It is crazy to thing about how much people are putting online and how something can happen one minute then the next the whole world knows about it. Our world has changed into a big social media place. Everyone is still having to adapt to it not just people in PR.


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