Solo PR

Public Relation is an exciting field to be in and it is changing and becoming a bigger field with more people wanting to become a PR professional. When being a PR professional you can work in places, from big companies, to small businesses, to just helping a signal person. The PR journey has been a big one for me in my cap 220 class. I went in not know what Public Relations even was to now writing a campaign for an organization. There are ways to go solo with PR, it is not an easy task but it can be done. A few steps that are suggest  for starting a solo PR businesses are, know exactly what  you are going to offer to people and know who you are as a business. It is hard to tell people what you are going to do if you don’t know what you are doing yourself. Another step is building a partnership. You really can’t do everything yourself even though you are going “solo” now. It helps to have a back up.

Someone that I never even thought of until that is a solo PR person in some way. Is my dad, my dad is from Traverse City,  MI and he started up a construction company back in 1999. It isn’t a very big company but people do know of him because of the work he does and the ways that he has built his self has a company. He has a partner that also is a part of the company that he started, they work together with everything in the company. Then he works with is a lumber supply place, with this is his other partner it really helped his company grow. Since he does build really nice house that lubber supply placed helped with word of mouth to tell people what my dad’s company does and how good they are. My dad also got a logo made that are on jackets, his truck, shirts, his work trailer, and got business card so there was something to go along with the company.

Going solo in PR seem like it would be a lot to do. It is just what you do and how you do it to get there. Some people have an easy time doing it and other times I could be a completely failure.


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