Then and Now PR Definition


Back in August 28, 2012 I was asked what Public Relations was, not knowing really what it was at all I took a wild guess. I made my own definition of PR, there is so much more to PR then what I ever thought way back then. What I thought it was “PR is a way to get things out there. To promote them and show what they are all about.” (not really sure who “them” and “they” are haha).

Looking that this now there is so much more to PR that what I once thought. I walked into a whole new world when going into CAP 220 class, the world of Public Relations. This world opened my eye to so many different opportunities and idea. What Public Relations is to me now is taking a lot of details and making a wonder campaign. There is a lot more to PR then campaign but that is all that is on my mind now that this class is coming to an end.

My new definition of PR now is, “PR is helping an organization, person, or company to become better know. To show people that what they are doing and that is something that people should know about. It is also making an event for people in the community can come to. It also deals with having to work with the media and social media. Overall it is just helping your client out for people to understand what and who they are.”

After writing this new definition I search “What is PR is?” just to see what other people said it was. I found this definition on one of the websites, “Public relations (PR) is a way for companies, organizations or people to enhance their reputations. This task typically is performed by public relations professionals or PR firms on behalf of their clients. PR usually involves communicating with the media and through the media to present the clients in the most favorable way possible. It also often involves cooperative efforts with other people and organizations to create good will within the community and enhance the client’s image.”After a semester on CAP 220 I hit the definition of PR right on the head.


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