It Had To Come To An End…

Oh boy! Well my third semester is coming to an end. Still have all five of my exams to take but Thursday December 13th all of it will be done. College was something that I knew that I was always wanted to go to and get a college degree because both my parents only made it to their 2nd year in college. I am currently in my 2nd year and plan on continuing all the way to the end. Going into college people have told me that it was going to be hard but I feel has if no one ever really prepared me for what college is actually like. College is a bitch! This semester has been the hardest one yet but I have been pushing through doing my best and keeping a smile on my face with a good attitude with all of it. Now the class that really hit me full force was CAP 220, I was not expecting it to be how it was at all.

Last year, my freshman year I went into college thinking that I wanted to go into Psychology. After taking Psychology 101, that quickly changed. I went to an advisor having no idea at all what I wanted to do and he talked me into Communication Studies because that focused on a lot of different things that I am interested in. I was a little up in the air of what you could do with a Communication Studies major so I wanted to change my major to something that I knew I enjoyed and knew what I could do with it. After fall/winter semesters last year I decided to take summer classes. One of my classes was a speech class, my professor of that class talked about places that she worked in that was Adverting/Public Relations. After hearing her stories that really got me thinking about Ad/PR, and I wanted to take classes so I could find out more about them.

Now back to CAP 220, this was my first class that had to do with Ad/PR.  I am not going to lie I hated this class in the beginning and almost all the way to the end. It was a hard class, I dreaded going to this class every time that I had to go but this class is what really made me change my major to Advertising/Public Relations. Having to make that plan book I wanted to cry every single time I even thought about it. After finally getting that plan book done, I was excited and proud of myself. I worked my ass off, stayed at the library for hours, had a couple freak out moments and just wanted to never think about it again once I turned it in but getting it done it was one of the best feelings ever. I could not believe that I had actually pulled through and had a finished piece that I was actually happy about. I actually really liked making the plan book looking back at. It was something that really pushed me and I did something that was hard but it was the best feeling in the end to have it done. It is surprisingly something that I would not mind doing it again.

On top of the plan book and all of that stress, there was our blogs. I have always been interesting in blogging. I have tried it a few times before but my blogs always fail. I just could never keep up with it. This is the first blog that I kept up with because I had to. Once CAP 220 is done I do not think I will keep up with my blog because I am so busy with everything going on in my life, I will probably for get out it but I know down the road will start blogging again. Probably once college is over. It has been a good experience well having to do the blog. Looking through all of my blogs that I have written throughout the semester my writing has definitely improved. I think that the blogging has helped to improve my writing skills.

Overall, I am honestly going to miss CAP 220 and everything about it. It was a good class with a bunch of great students and an amazing professor.


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